A change of mind, changes everything


Are you fed up with your thoughts sabotaging your happiness, desperate for more peace of mind?


Are you unfocused and unmotivated, unable to reach your goals and make your vision a reality?


Would you like to understand more about your relationship to money and what gets in the way?


Are you stressed, anxious or overwhelmed – juggling family, work and life?


Do you have children who struggle at times and a family life that takes a lot of energy?

What if you could change that?

How good would life feel if your happiness was independent of everything and everyone around you and nothing phased you?

What would you do differently if you came out of survival mode and felt truly abundant?

How would your family life change if you could stop worrying and instead just see the best in your child and situation?

You can do this

I have spent 10 years trying and testing leading-edge tools and techniques to find what works the most effectively. I have lived my own journey to find balance, happiness and fulfilment in my life, in my children’s lives and in the lives of my clients and their families.

I’ve had a rollercoaster relationship with money and yet now abundance shows up regularly and consistently for me and in amazing ways and I can share what I’ve learned with you.

Everything you experience is an inside out job. When you truly understand that life is a state of mind, this new perspective changes your default thinking, so your limiting beliefs fall away and your behaviours change. You become more centred – peaceful and joyful. Your relationships change for the better and family dynamics become more harmonious.

I have a toolkit of proven tools and techniques that you can use in the moment, just when you need them, to reset, respond and get creative. No matter what your situation is right now, there are always other outcomes available to you. A change of mind, changes everything.

"I am excited about the rest of my life!”

“Working with you has started me on a journey of self-discovery. Thank you Julia for opening the door and providing me with so many tools to move forward with. I am excited about the rest of my life.”

”Julia is the go-to person for our whole family"

Julia is my go-to person whenever my children or I are struggling. She was the support I needed when I lost my mum to cancer and she’s been amazing with the kids, significantly reducing their anxiety and giving them the tools they needed to stay calm under exam pressure and get brilliant results! Thank you so much.

”I gradually feel more positive and uplifted about the world"

“I would like to thank you for working with me. I gradually feel more positive and uplifted about the world and my confidence is growing day by day. What is especially good is that it allows my mind to focus and see positive thoughts and outcomes to situations, consequently making me more productive in my University Studies. The combination of techniques has made me feel confident about my abilities and has given me the will to live!”

”From our first meeting my anxiety and stress began to seem insignificant"

“The pressure of GCSEs was becoming overwhelming for me and the anxiety had started to affect my social life as well. However from the first meeting with Julia my anxiety and stress over exams began to seem insignificant, I understood how to manage my thoughts, calming myself before the stress took over. With Julia’s help I got the grades I wanted at GCSE and I have carried the methods through to A Level with me. Thank you so much!”

”I wanted to personally thank you for this beautiful summit"

“I came to it with a feeling of desperation about the state of the world, and have left with a perspective of hope and joyfulness about the positive changes that we are manifesting and ways in which can participate.  I loved every single speaker and will be following up with some of them via books, websites and classes … Thanks for reconnecting me with my internal source of insight.  There was something inspiring about every speaker, and about YOU!”

"I have come up with a plan of how to go forward in a way that supports ME!"

“I just want to say thank you again to Julia and the amazing group last week! Our intentions had such an effect on my heart chakra and left me feeling uplifted that I subsequently came up with a plan of how to go forward in a way that supports ME. There are truly no limits to what we can achieve with focused energy!”

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“There are only two ways to live life. As though nothing is a miracle or as though everything is a miracle.”
– Albert Einstein



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